Saturday, September 5, 2009

In response to Kevin Donelly,
I dont imagine it will be esi, but weve got to begin somewhere.
Clare Kitson, who spent ten years, from 1989 to 1999, as animation chief of Channel Four in the UK told Jason Di Rosso (abc rn movietime)on friday that the Government funding agencies have no imagination.This is central to the education problem as youve noted, micromanagement from an unimaginative politically inspired bureaucracy. They dont know what is creative, viable nor essential in the human art of education.
If we want a creative, initiating, responsible, healthy and vital young adult to stride competently and compasionately out of our schools shouldnt we source these qualities in our teachers ? And develop the same in our tertiary institutions?
When Odysseus returns disguised as a begger to his own home where his wife is overwhelmed with evil greedy suitors, his trusty aged lifetime servant/teacher complains, "Zeus takes half the goodness from a person when he becomes a slave!" Even more constrained is todays beleagured educator.
So we see a society where the abundance of the creative human spirit has been displaced by; binge drinking, self harm, the greed of the gfc, physical collapse and fear overwhelming the health system, frauds and charlatans clogging the courts, genetic manipulators tyrranising the nutritional process and governments instead of finding life and solutions in nature, sign our future away to wallstreet and macquarie banks to make the appearance of resolving climate change through the plunderable business of carbon credits and emissions trading... great.
But who amongst the foxtold disneyland democracy wants to entertain the discomfort of imagining such a future or trying to fight such corruptions?
Trying to educate a new generation?
Lets encourage the responsible freedom of our educators to write a healthy future for our children and their society?

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