Tuesday, November 17, 2009

muck, murk and mcgurk - a clean sweep

It doesnt take much insight to fathom the dynamics in Rees' moves this week and the tacit acceptances. Though the media seem surprised, limply reporting the power's broken claim that, "Rees' is f--ked", theres been a fair bit of dirt about of late. Witness, Medich, McGurk and Richardson as but one powder keg. Add Catherine Hill Bay, Huntlee, White Bay, and any number of furtive donations, options, mates deals and the like and, there he is, Tripodi and the power's broken, bound hand and foot.
And McDonald, is he any cleaner? With ethanol now mandated in NSW, lots of cosy coal liscences granted of late and boundless opportunities for Wran style benefits now closed and close to exposure, heres the choice. Walk the plank or toe the line. Well, a parliamentary pension is the payoff, sitting till 2015 on the back bench is the price and the threat is imaginably a holiday courtesy of Her Majesty if all the shit hits the fan. The choice is easy, and the powers broken are just that, bound by years of liscentious abuse of privelege.
They wanted Rees to be their Kleenex, their disposable wipe. Its looking like he's really cleaned them out!

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