Friday, February 4, 2011

Thirty Years of Obliging Government in Australia and Egypt

Alan Ramsey has just printed a new book detailing his 42 years in the Canberra press gallery. He was discussing it with Phillip Adams on lnl. Greed! He was livid, has grown immeasurably...He cited the Commonwealth Bank. Before Keating obligingly sold it off the biggest wage was $70,000 for the manager,... last year Ralph Norris the CEO took $16.2 Million home as his wages! But, the free market rules.. happily for some.
Well it aint a straw but there are some camels with broken backs (and repossesed houses), but one broken backed camel looks like it will be Mubarak's Egypt. Mubarak's familial worth is estimated between 40 and 70 billion US$. Dream on that! Thats not how much he has earned in the thirty years as Egypt's obliging Prime Minister, its just what remains, assets, accrued earnings, after all the feasts, banquets, holidays and private celebrations for thirty years obligingly working for ?? Yes, the USA has funded aid programs over the years to help keep order, 5$B ish per annum of late? And provided the guns and bombs in that 5$B to keep the unsatisfied in their gaol cells. Or in their graves. An average of 2 Billion US$ per year aquired, though probably more in the last ten years than in the first ten years, still, say he/they/the family increased their worth by 3.65Billion US$ last year , thats like a lot more than the 2$ a day most Egyptians struggle to live on,...
It's not such a wonder the people of Egypt are a little unsettled in their hungering lot.
Maybe Mubarak should open the doors of his storehouse and feed his hungry people? But I suppose that would not be obliging to the Bankers that have secreted the familial fortune. Oh, isnt it hard to obligingly Govern a people,...

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