Friday, March 25, 2011

Powers Broken and Trojan Horses

As we said, the (NSW ALP) powers broken are just that! But it has taken some years to realise it, and, yes, they have satisfactorily jumped ship, with various wheels, mates deals and self interests leaving NSW with shocking accounts, large liabilities and infinitely corruptible development proceedures. Will Rees be that disposed Kleenex or re-emerge today to finally wipe them out? I hope so!

Meanwhile, monsanto gets its trojan horse into Australian agriculture via GM canola. Another organic farmer finds GM RR canola seeds have flooded his fields, but no its not a contaminant. Strangely, RRcanola's glyphosate addiction is a recognised contaminant with 30 year soil half life but who dare publish it? We each only get one career. Meanwhile the USDA has deregulated (allowed) GM RR alfalfa (despite its 27% less mineral nutrients), seemingly because the original non GM strains of alfalfa cannot survive the glyphosate buildup (toxicity) in most all rounded up american soils. Yes, monsanto has coraled the best part of the Americas in an emerging stranglehold, not just under the USDA, but spreading to our quarter of the globe too! Glyphosate poisoning. Woe!

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