Thursday, September 13, 2012


To exacurbate the extremes of economic cycles is the way to loose funds for investors (buying high selling low). Our financially literate liberal party members and leaders most certainly understand this. To exacurbate the extremes of wider economic cycles is also the way to stress societies (expanding in the boom, contracting in the doom).
Inadvertently, the hard line ideals of our conservative government states is on the verge of committing all these ill conceived ideologies of policy into practise, personal investment knowledge and state policy totally schizophrenic--not aware they are side by side in mutual opposition - right hand not knowing what the left is doing. Emerging from party policy, in the blindness of politspeak, nothing learned from october 1929 and the many years of contraction that followed they are carreering into further contractive policies blighting our emerging future (generation).
Warren Buffet has prospered from counter-cyclical investment, government leaders should also be countercyclic, be trying to bring balance, to stabilise, save in the boom, support amidst doom.---or we will be the losers.

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