Saturday, March 23, 2013

Default and Dominoes - Cypress

So Cypress has taken the less damaging option, given in to the realisation that they cant fund their own deposit insurance scheme if their banks go down.
But which other PIIGS country can? America could, they could print more money, so too the Brits but the countries bound by EU legislation cant source the QE to comprehensively guarantee their deposit insurance schemes. We dont even know if America would want to protect and cover deposit holders.
Have the EU financiers understood this? Cypriot haircuts are likely to prove highly contagious. Were it October and impending Winter in the PIIGS countries there would be certain economic terror and mayhem. Maybe the hopefulness of Spring will engender acceptance and thwart any impending run on the banks.
Otherwise the only solution is to have the ultimate guarantor of each countries deposit insurance schemes the EU itself, lest it hold any out of favour country to ransom.
This haircut to save the big financiers could easily be at the expense of the whole global economy.
As the economic policy is run by bankers, it will likely take a Grillo, to roll the austerity Monti's of the EU before any people powered economy can establish a sound and sustainable economy into the future.

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