Tuesday, July 29, 2014

MSM, Eurasia and 1984

All America's accusations against Russia,.. who might show us that America has not backed nor instigated the Western side of this War? Here is more comprehensive information. google Eric Zeusse.

"Ukrainian government" MSM says,...who elected such government?
"Rebel held territory" MSM says,..do they mean ukrainians defending their own countryside? People who do not wish to have their public assets sold off though US and western investment banks to global investors? People averse to a 17BillionUS$ noose being tightened about their necks?
Kiev sent the plane off course. US wont release satellite photos. BBC pulled their own news reports. Twitter removed the Kiev air control tower employees tweets following the crash.
Why would a Ukrainian government escalate fighting over a crash site when the so called "rebels" have up to now obliged with regard to site access and black boxes?
1984? we've slept through it.

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