Monday, September 15, 2014

Terror Alerts - Keys is the Key

Yester-Eve John Keys was fighting for his reputation. Having told protesting New Zealanders in 2012 and 2013 that mass surveillance was not and would not happen, five-eyes, the NSA term for mass surveillance in Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada and the USA was in full swing. So says Snowden, and now lots of people know, albeit covered up and silent today amongst Australian media.
So, what might be the payoff for mass surveillance on your own nation's citizens?
Look at our Tony and you can fill in the picture.
By implication, we are part of five-eyes, the relentless feed of all Australians data also, to the NSA. Yes its been for years. The reward for Tony? Juicy bits! Secret info! Schoolgirl bitchy gossip! Dirt!
Where does Tony most need dirt? In another country - to inflame outrage, and  in our own country to incite fear,.. a distraction from political and budgetary disasters.
But how does a supposedly Christian PM, talk God in one sentence and talk war escalation - supplying planes and troops -in the next sentence? Wasn't there something about turning the other cheek in the teachings of JC? "Live by the sword, die by the sword!"?,.... no answer..?
It is however totally imaginable that Binney and the NSA have gathered selected phone conversations and emails from AustralianMuslim hotheads -"Fuck this gov, the only thing to save them is a b0mb and Shariah's Laws"
Just think, 20 million people, fifty conversations a day, out of a billion conversations the NSA has to get a scoop of pissed off outspoken "hits". They then feed them to Tony and Bill (in Security Briefings) who immediately agree, TERROR ALERT!
So, the NSA is the giant spider presiding over treasure map see, the wwweb itself. From its treasure haul - dirt and secrets - it can either push the right buttons, for public and for figurehead, or pull the right strings. Bacon nailed it - Information is Power!
Tony should reconsider Christian Virtues - kindness, charity, shared suffering if he wants to leave a legacy other than the escalatory devastation of Herod the King.
For God's sake Tony, think it through! Damn yourself if you will, but why pull Australia into it?

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