Saturday, March 7, 2009

troubled economies, sacrifices and discretion

Dear Fellows
Pleased to read your articles, but how much would you subscribe to the view that so long as the players are acting in self interest, and possibly asleep to their own motives, we can have no sustainable, nor healthy economy nor pension fund?
I have heard of an idea/ideal that to me seems very true, but test it for yourself, it goes;

" The strength/sustainability/viability of a group (or community) is proportional to how much its members offer/sacrifice/give up of their 'own' to the group".

ie where wall street are lining their own pockets (whether above, outside or in defiance of the law), the economy becomes very weak and vulnerable
ie where the priests are fiddling with the altar boys (taking their own pleasures) the church is deeply diseased
ie where the husband and wife give up some of their own desires for their partners or childrens sakes, those same children and partners are more supported, sustained, healthy and viable in their relations.

Surely the lesson of the GFC is that it isnt an accident; the Bush/Greenspan model/prosperity has to be paid for in the long run.

The only way to make the economy sustainable seems (to me) to progressively excise it from the control of not only the outright frauds and cheats but also from those subliminally selfishly inclined and to place it in the hands of wise insightful altruistic people? But where are we to find them? When we are certain of this we will be able to recognise such qualities and people and report on, advise and influence society soundly.
till then,

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