Friday, May 15, 2009

the spirit of god moved upon the face of the water

"The spirit of god moved upon the face of the water"
here we have a word picture for an act of consciousness, a nerve process preparatory to a deed.
wind (invisible though it is) will move water, whether with ripples or more vehemently
Nerve activity's footprint is a rippling chemical shift between the animating sodium and the vegetising potassium.
We (Scientists) can measure and trace this nerve activity through electrical potential variations.
The inference here is that the rippling on the water has only happened due to the wind. So too the electrical variation, it is but a footprint.

The reversal, electrode activation sparking phantom experences, doesnt prove the electrical primality, rather is to be expected within a practical understanding of how consciouness works. The bionic ear does not hear nor recognise speech. The human essence is that it seeks to make a complete living understanding of sense experience. The bionic ears case the electrode experience pattern, is woven through with human intelligence seeking to recreate an understanding of speech. We experience the pattern, we fit it recognisably to reality. So too the electrically stimulated phantom experience. Repeat it and we will learn that it is not a real experience and we will dissociate the memories from the electrical stimulation.
So science seems more and more like one of the six blind men of hindustan, calling an elephant a rope or wall or tree or... depending upon position.
We must seek the Human to explain nerve sense and consciousness satisfactorily. The human that is inclusive of materiality, animality, humanity and divinity.
Samual Taylor Coleridge before his fall into opium addiction delved deeply and soundly into the self and consciousness.
Owen Barfield, (fellow to CSLewis and Tolkien) followed and advanced such studies (which today electrically imaging science recognises as "internally focussed tasks"). Philosophers since have noted this "pure thought" (the individual spirit working within the spiritual realm of Thought) as a means of thinking free from the errors of transitory experience that could approach the eternal (or Truth) more closely.

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