Saturday, May 16, 2009

Viral Genes been scoffing on eggs.

Canberra Geneticist Adrian Gibbs intimates that the viral sequences of swine flu show evidence of laboratory cultivation. Global Research early in the swine flu episode published that US Gene Labs had been looking for lost samples, and that the British High Court had demanded Information on torture of their Guantanamo Bay detained citizen just days prior. As they noted swine flu stole the show! Lucky for Cheney and co.
The WHO didnt seem to go public on any of that. Now this naive tamiflu creating boffin wants to trace it into the labs? He'd have to be retired and comfortable or else he wouldnt dare compromise his future. With Anthrax, Foot and Mouth and horse flu all sharing the heritage of phylloxera, (introduced by the laboratory storm troopers), who would cry him wrong. Still, I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for any genelabs nor WHO to take responsibility.

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