Friday, June 3, 2011

bone-headed demonisation

Richard Glover has published in the smh recently, "The dangers of bone-headed beliefs" ( many another good mind shares such concerns. There seems more to the picture, some of which you can trace below,..
Who would doubt the changing of the climate? None I know, but why are we so content to demonise Carbon-dioxide? There are so many things working against climate stability; 200years of soot on the glaciers, 66 years of radioactive fallout too, let alone what that radiation does to clouds and upper air strata, 30 years of chemtrails, and 30yrs of haarp - electrowhooping the atmosphere, add recent swiss ion guns in Arabia forcing rain in the desert (with simultaneous weather stasis in adjacent russia-heatwave and india-floods). Meanwhile csm frackers drain US aquifers-leaving no borewater and desertified ranches over dry hot US summers, 200 years of whaling to decimate the iron rich whale turds ocean wide - no iron - less algae - total ecosystem destabilisation, generations of increasingly culpable agriprofiteers transforming deep stable forests into two dimensional monoculture ranches. Whyfore demonise CO2? Easy, dumbed down, suits our big brother age, gives us something to focus our hate/fear upon. The nuclear lobby keep pushing with wall street traders and "we'll save you" politicians.. Easier to demonise carbon dioxide it would seem,..and turn it into another plunder the public wealth for plutocrat profit marketplace?
The more shocking thing society wise is that we dont think/associate over timeframes. At seventeen or twenty four it can be "three strikes and you're out", while in kindergarten or primary school the innocents can run riot and develop monstrous behavior year upon year leading to the drug induced end of the road social/moral writeoff.
More intimately, the extreme barrenness - the inhumanity - electric, sterile, dead, lifeless - of our modern world, lifestyle and education program produces an emerging society, bone headed, and longing for psychic and moral liberation - at any price. There is an impending end-of-the-world (as we know it) apocalypse that fuels our climate change fears, but the apocalypse is individual, its personal, moral even,
too hard!
demonise CO2, easy, then blame someone else when both the climate and our moral integrity fall apart,..
We first might lay claim to our mutual humanity and broaden our outlooks and initiatives if we would like to stabilise our future - climate included.

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