Sunday, June 12, 2011

Carbon Greenhouses and Weather Cycles

Towards an imaginative understanding of carbon, greenhouses and weather phenomenon.
Breathe out on a summery evening and you are leaving a trail, invisible to us but perceptible to the mosquitoes. They are low life rarely above the greenery, they sense carbon dioxide, it leads to warmth, generally blood. You may have noticed cold air sink from the freezer or fridge? You may have noticed the cold wind ever blowing down a glacier? Here the cold densifies the air, it flows then like a river, towards the sea or nearest pool. So too CO2 is dense. Though invisible, it sinks then flows down where it may, to the nearest swamp, so caves and mines too fill with foul air. Carbon likes the earth, only the wings of the fire can carry it up, albeit temporarily, more earth loving even than water.

In fact, water, in contact with the air readily bids goodbye to the Earth Mother's breast and spreads her wings for Heaven, such is life. HOH or H2O. Somehow she also steals a little of the Earth's warmth in doing this and exultant carries it up towards the starry skies or the sun itself by day. Somehow also, it gets too cold up there amongst the stars and sky, she fears for her loss of the lovely earth and humbled densifies into droplets of rain, or crystals of starry snow, maybe even to fiercely stony ice-hard hailstones. As a gas, she is lighter than the air, flying up. Returned to droplets she comes down, but not without having alleviated the earth warmth and offered it to the atmosphere and to heaven itself.


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