Friday, June 10, 2011

Disastrous Legislation

Our Government seems very inclined to whimsical strokes of the legislative pen, as if there would be minimal repercussions and consequences. When we can paralyse a whole states economy with a live export ban over cattle cruelty while totally overlooking the human death, suffering and deformity due to our uranium exports one wonders??
Is our media, is Julia merely a face for our conceited tyrannical fickleness?
Surely moderation is the essence of stable management, reckless legislation the trigger to instability.
A new industry, might have a multiplier effect where an investment is recycled through the economy again and again. So too, but negatively, the termination of a 300 million dollar industry might mushroom to a billion dollar hit to the economy; include the defaults, the bank losses, Jobs lost, the new social security liable,,... Consequences,.. they just dont seem to get it living in the closets of Canberra?? But we will, and will have to pay for it.
I would have said , "We cant freeze this in its tracks, there'll be dead cattle in Australian yards and trucks, blood on our own hands. By all means order an enquiry into MLA negligence, but, lets say that from today any further sale to Indonesia is to include a levy to send Australian representatives, and a levy to be held pending a humane slaughter in the Indonesian slaughterhouses, then released for further cattle purchases." If this didnt effect a change within a month it would be easy to increase the levy. The ideal of good governance is to effect change harmoniusly. The practise of savingface pointscoring governance will inevitably effect devastating/autoimmune type disruption/desolation of what has already become part of Society.
Which still brings us to Nuclear and Uranium. Was it our Uranium, depleted and bunker busted into Irak that has brought so many ugly deformities? Or shot through the Chernobyl countryside, to twenty years later have humans surviving with holes in torsos, or in heads even. Will Japan soon have a spate of 3/4 human infants, just short a few organs, or fingers?? Will this continue for hundreds of years into the future, even were another disaster to be averted for one hundred years? I can relate a thumbless student, and yes, the japanese grandmother survived operations fatboy and littleboy,....
Get sooky about Cow comfort, but steelily neglect human sufferings,..
Who dare take on such powers?
Who dare even report it?
Julia? Wayne?

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