Tuesday, November 17, 2009

muck, murk and mcgurk - a clean sweep

It doesnt take much insight to fathom the dynamics in Rees' moves this week and the tacit acceptances. Though the media seem surprised, limply reporting the power's broken claim that, "Rees' is f--ked", theres been a fair bit of dirt about of late. Witness, Medich, McGurk and Richardson as but one powder keg. Add Catherine Hill Bay, Huntlee, White Bay, and any number of furtive donations, options, mates deals and the like and, there he is, Tripodi and the power's broken, bound hand and foot.
And McDonald, is he any cleaner? With ethanol now mandated in NSW, lots of cosy coal liscences granted of late and boundless opportunities for Wran style benefits now closed and close to exposure, heres the choice. Walk the plank or toe the line. Well, a parliamentary pension is the payoff, sitting till 2015 on the back bench is the price and the threat is imaginably a holiday courtesy of Her Majesty if all the shit hits the fan. The choice is easy, and the powers broken are just that, bound by years of liscentious abuse of privelege.
They wanted Rees to be their Kleenex, their disposable wipe. Its looking like he's really cleaned them out!


nov 1.
Our Sydney pollies have just privatised Parklea. Parklea is a correctional centre in name, in practise a prison. The privatisation is to leverage out the socialists, the unions and inefficient work practises. Nothing like greed to stress the protocols to breaking tension and to exercise the "Crims dont deserve a holiday camp" public mood. Rees has also integrated a daytime detention centre for dropouts into years ten and eleven in the state's schools by raising the school leaving age. Still, the question of Morality, the question of Virtue has been totally dislocated. It is Politically Incorrect. Seeing as we cannot go there yet, for one, and secondly that it would only open opinionated argument, here follows an assertion and a proposal which then leads again to our quest.

The Assertion
If we are to take America as an example and their incarceration practises, privatisation, profit and recividism go hand in hand. The Macquarie model was an exemplar of financial genius for seven years, inconceivable earnings for the financial engineers but, paying the piper, then in year nine the model is bankrupt for the owners and all this time riding roughshod over the gouged public. Similarly Parklea Private may save 5% on running costs, they may even get the capital bonus of selling off the grounds but if their prisoners consecutively line up for a second and third visit then Rees has merely tidied the 2010 budget at the exponential expense of all future budgets and Society broadly. He wouldnt be the first to execute such chicanery, Carr in his PPP's signed NSW up for all manner of future (possible) liabilities now current to the tune of millions every day. Yes Carr left for Macquarie before the mess hit the fan and he left us and now Rees with massive subsidence in all future budgets. What public opinion calls any to task for this? Why does the media not? When mooted in 05 K.Packer had registered interest in NSW Correctional privatisation, and why would he not with KBR Halliburton as a model for such plutocrat wannabees to emulate.
Will Parklea Private be a short term saving and a future liability? Unsustainable?
The answer to such an assertion could possibly be defined by thorough well designed multi-generational studies. We have excellent research institutions and staff. Some might begin such work.

The Proposal
An alternative "enlightened free market" approach to privatisation that pays for results would weed out the providers who are not really rehabilitating nor correcting. Were part of the revenue stream connected with the future fruitfulness in society of the "corrected" prisoners, then the sustainable practisers would be the survivors.

The Problem
Here again we are looking at a multi-generational problem and todays self assured public views may be twelve or thirty years in the remaking. No polli will be recalling past mistakes, few voters will even register a change in views or practises thirty years on.

The Quest
The quest therefore is for a view of Life that is sustainable, even fruitful, towards Life, towards Life in abundance, towards Virtue and towards our (politically incorrect and out of favour) view of Morality itself.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

In response to Kevin Donelly,
I dont imagine it will be esi, but weve got to begin somewhere.
Clare Kitson, who spent ten years, from 1989 to 1999, as animation chief of Channel Four in the UK told Jason Di Rosso (abc rn movietime)on friday that the Government funding agencies have no imagination.This is central to the education problem as youve noted, micromanagement from an unimaginative politically inspired bureaucracy. They dont know what is creative, viable nor essential in the human art of education.
If we want a creative, initiating, responsible, healthy and vital young adult to stride competently and compasionately out of our schools shouldnt we source these qualities in our teachers ? And develop the same in our tertiary institutions?
When Odysseus returns disguised as a begger to his own home where his wife is overwhelmed with evil greedy suitors, his trusty aged lifetime servant/teacher complains, "Zeus takes half the goodness from a person when he becomes a slave!" Even more constrained is todays beleagured educator.
So we see a society where the abundance of the creative human spirit has been displaced by; binge drinking, self harm, the greed of the gfc, physical collapse and fear overwhelming the health system, frauds and charlatans clogging the courts, genetic manipulators tyrranising the nutritional process and governments instead of finding life and solutions in nature, sign our future away to wallstreet and macquarie banks to make the appearance of resolving climate change through the plunderable business of carbon credits and emissions trading... great.
But who amongst the foxtold disneyland democracy wants to entertain the discomfort of imagining such a future or trying to fight such corruptions?
Trying to educate a new generation?
Lets encourage the responsible freedom of our educators to write a healthy future for our children and their society?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

GFC Solutions?

In Goethe's Faust, Mephistopheles teaches Faust how to escape a funding shortfall of ducats, print paper money. Well and good but things dont get better and much pain is felt by the least responsible of people, aged innocent peasants end dying.
Well, such is my warning, still Ellen Brown is advising turn on the printing presses and dont give it to the fed, give it to the people via the government.
The only thing she hasnt thought through is how inflationary this might become and how destabilising such a maneuvre might be to world credit markets, financial funds flows and balances. Shockingly.
Still it holds some credibility.
Lets consider how this crisis has developed. For years the money was leant at less and less of a risk premium. There had been no storm clouds in sight, indeed trouble was inconceivable. Howard, Blair and Bush had fueled asset price bubbles, as a soporific for society, indeed a vote winner. Everyone was getting richer, draw down on the assets and live it up. Or gear it up if so inclined.
"Why did it have to happen on my watch?" Well he nearly escaped it, Bush! Did his best to pass it on. Howard still claims he left the Australian economy in good hands, but it was high as a kite on fueled credit and the reason Australia is no basket case today is not due to the resilience of Australians as Swann and co would flatter us with, nor due to Howards prided management. It is due to our having immense resoursce deposits which we can continue to sell off for many reckless years into the future.
Still if we are to understand the dynamic, as asset prices approach their peaks, the shrewd soon to be richer sell off their assets and begin to reduce what they have leant out. Kerry Packer once quipped , "You only get one Alan Bond in a lifetime!" Yes he sold high and bought back in after the bust, which no doubt he helped write into existence via the newspapers. He is a public operator, there are many outside of the public view but similar timing modus operandi.
So now, the executioners of this GFC are ready to assume even more of the global wealth by moving back into assets and high income securities at the crisis depths.

They are the unheard voices that will not condone the worlds governments printing their own moneys. The maths are if money is printed and enters circulation, thats money outside of their control meaning less power in the wealth these super rich already hold.

Other effects already noted of printing money are inflation, but in a deflationary environment this is not an immediate risk, rather where the deflation is destabilising as in collapsing home prices, some extra currency might be therapeutic.

Printing money as mentioned could severely destabilise global finance, but now we come to a distinct consideration. were most governments to agree to inflate their currencies modestly by printing money then currency exchange rates would not be dangerously stressed and we might reduce the damage of this GFC albeit at the expense of the super rich.

Absolutely fundamental to the health of such a maneuvre would be the exclusion of personal gain, and company gain, and national gain as much as possible from the arrangements. It would have to be wholly done towards the best interests as much as possible of all the citizens of the globe. It would be like an infusion of saline solution to a severly haemorhaging patient to reduce the possibility of toxicity and organ shock through unsustainable blood loss.
No doubt the super rich will lobby its not fair, changing the rules mid stream, and possibly will threaten to collapse some neccessary institutions or countries, or do damage in some other significant way? Paybacks.

Were the Paulson push instead of flooding wall street to have been to support house prices through purchasing some for the public, the fallout would have been moderated by delaying the revaluation to a sustainable pace, a pace the CDO writers could sustain.

I do not know of a full solution. Some have been living well beyond their means and some have appropriated far more than a sustainable share of global wealth. The only way forward is towards more fairness and a controlling or moderating influence from government that is not selfishly accumulative but instead comprehensively balancing.

Australia's richest man

Packer gets the prize, ozzies richest fellow, and thats after some serious losses of late! Kerry's midas touch might not have been passed on but his fortune surely has.
Newspapers and media got Kerry there, where to for James now?

NSW lining up for horror budget following collapse in GST revenues

Maybe so but dont expect to be blown away by bad news. That NSW is selling anything from power generation to Community or rather , previously community nursing homes shows that Carr's and Howard's golden years come at a price. Yes we are paying for them now and will pay more into the future, but do you read it in the news??
You might instead read that Packer has just arranged a consolidation and extension for a new forty years lease, with a twenty year follow on option, for one remaining hunk of perisher valley and sacrificed a carpark so the government can fund an 800 bed tower. Be good for construction, and for tourism jobs says the news.
Cosy says I.

Viral Genes been scoffing on eggs.

Canberra Geneticist Adrian Gibbs intimates that the viral sequences of swine flu show evidence of laboratory cultivation. Global Research early in the swine flu episode published that US Gene Labs had been looking for lost samples, and that the British High Court had demanded Information on torture of their Guantanamo Bay detained citizen just days prior. As they noted swine flu stole the show! Lucky for Cheney and co.
The WHO didnt seem to go public on any of that. Now this naive tamiflu creating boffin wants to trace it into the labs? He'd have to be retired and comfortable or else he wouldnt dare compromise his future. With Anthrax, Foot and Mouth and horse flu all sharing the heritage of phylloxera, (introduced by the laboratory storm troopers), who would cry him wrong. Still, I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for any genelabs nor WHO to take responsibility.

Friday, May 15, 2009

the spirit of god moved upon the face of the water

"The spirit of god moved upon the face of the water"
here we have a word picture for an act of consciousness, a nerve process preparatory to a deed.
wind (invisible though it is) will move water, whether with ripples or more vehemently
Nerve activity's footprint is a rippling chemical shift between the animating sodium and the vegetising potassium.
We (Scientists) can measure and trace this nerve activity through electrical potential variations.
The inference here is that the rippling on the water has only happened due to the wind. So too the electrical variation, it is but a footprint.

The reversal, electrode activation sparking phantom experences, doesnt prove the electrical primality, rather is to be expected within a practical understanding of how consciouness works. The bionic ear does not hear nor recognise speech. The human essence is that it seeks to make a complete living understanding of sense experience. The bionic ears case the electrode experience pattern, is woven through with human intelligence seeking to recreate an understanding of speech. We experience the pattern, we fit it recognisably to reality. So too the electrically stimulated phantom experience. Repeat it and we will learn that it is not a real experience and we will dissociate the memories from the electrical stimulation.
So science seems more and more like one of the six blind men of hindustan, calling an elephant a rope or wall or tree or... depending upon position.
We must seek the Human to explain nerve sense and consciousness satisfactorily. The human that is inclusive of materiality, animality, humanity and divinity.
Samual Taylor Coleridge before his fall into opium addiction delved deeply and soundly into the self and consciousness.
Owen Barfield, (fellow to CSLewis and Tolkien) followed and advanced such studies (which today electrically imaging science recognises as "internally focussed tasks"). Philosophers since have noted this "pure thought" (the individual spirit working within the spiritual realm of Thought) as a means of thinking free from the errors of transitory experience that could approach the eternal (or Truth) more closely.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

troubled economies, sacrifices and discretion

Dear Fellows
Pleased to read your articles, but how much would you subscribe to the view that so long as the players are acting in self interest, and possibly asleep to their own motives, we can have no sustainable, nor healthy economy nor pension fund?
I have heard of an idea/ideal that to me seems very true, but test it for yourself, it goes;

" The strength/sustainability/viability of a group (or community) is proportional to how much its members offer/sacrifice/give up of their 'own' to the group".

ie where wall street are lining their own pockets (whether above, outside or in defiance of the law), the economy becomes very weak and vulnerable
ie where the priests are fiddling with the altar boys (taking their own pleasures) the church is deeply diseased
ie where the husband and wife give up some of their own desires for their partners or childrens sakes, those same children and partners are more supported, sustained, healthy and viable in their relations.

Surely the lesson of the GFC is that it isnt an accident; the Bush/Greenspan model/prosperity has to be paid for in the long run.

The only way to make the economy sustainable seems (to me) to progressively excise it from the control of not only the outright frauds and cheats but also from those subliminally selfishly inclined and to place it in the hands of wise insightful altruistic people? But where are we to find them? When we are certain of this we will be able to recognise such qualities and people and report on, advise and influence society soundly.
till then,