Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy WS - Credit crisis resolution - Austerity measures

The O.W.S. occupy movement writers indicate that the credit crisis is courtesy of so much wealth gone to the few. Of those few, even less give it away (as in threefold community "gift money") and no pollies dare to tax it back,..
Well that's Democracy for you.
But what would it take to fix the budgets of P.I.G.S. and USA - a commitment for austerity? -
Yes, not for the poor but austerity for the rich.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


9/11 plus 10 - our own back !
oz-uranium depleted in usa,
exploded in iraq,
breathed and ingested by iraqi's,
comes back to us in refugees -
boat people (with chronic conditions)
nothing like recycling!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How Well Has The Media And Government Informed The Public About CO2 Levels In The Air?

By Gregg D Thompson
Ask yourself, your friends, family and work associates if they know the answers to the following questions about Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
. Be sure to write your answers before looking at the following pages.
Question 1. What percentage of the atmosphere do you think is CO2?
Question 2. Have you ever seen the percentage given in any media?
Question 3. What percentage of the CO2 is man-made?
Question 4. What percentage of the man-made CO2 does Australia produce?
Question 5. Is CO2 is a pollutant?
Question 6. Have you ever seen any evidence that CO2 causes a greenhouse effect?
I have asked over 100 people these questions. Virtually everyone says they don’t know the answers so ask them to tell you what their perception is by what they have learnt from the media, the government and Green groups. Let them know there is no right or wrong answer as you are just doing a survey as to what people have perceived the answers to be from these sources.
The answers to these questions are fundamental to evaluating the global warming scare YET almost no one knows the facts. However, without this knowledge we can’t make an informed decision about whether Climate Change is natural or not.
On the following pages are respondent’s perceptions followed by the correct answers. The bulk of the respondents (over 100 to date) are educated fairly well to very well. They comprise business managers in a diversity of large and small companies, those in medical profession, accounting, law, sales, engineering as well as scientists and trades people.

Q1. What % of the air is CO2?
Respondent’s Answers: nearly all were 20% - 40%, the highest was 75% while the lowest were 10%- 2%.
The Correct Answer: CO2 is less than a mere four 100ths of 1%! As a decimal it is 0.038%. As a fraction it is 1/27th of 1%. (Measurements for CO2 vary from one source to another from 0.036%- 0.039% due to the difficulty in measuring such a small quantity and due to changes in wind direction e.g. whether the air flow is from an industrialized region or a volcanic emission etc)
Nitrogen is just over 78%, Oxygen is just under 21% and Argon is almost 1%. CO2 is a minute trace gas at 0.038%. We all learnt the composition of the air in both primary and high school but because most people don’t use science in their day to day living, they have forgotten this. Also, the vast bulk of the population have very little knowledge of science so they find it impossible to make judgements about even basic scientific issues let alone ones as complex as climate. This makes it easy for those with agendas to deceive us by using emotive statements rather than facts. For a detailed breakup of the atmosphere go to:
Q2. Have you seen a percentage for CO2 given in the media?
Respondent’s answers: All said ’No’.
Q3. What % of CO2 do humans produce?
Respondent’s answers ranged from as high as 100% with most estimating it to be between 75% to 25% and only four said they thought it was between 10% and 2 %.
The Correct Answer: Nature produces nearly all of it. Humans produce only 3%. As a decimal it is a miniscule 0.001% of the air. All of mankind produces only one molecule of CO2 in around every 90,000 air molecules! Yes, that’s all.
Q4. What % of man-made CO2 does Australia produce?
Respondent’s Answers ranged from 20% to 5%.
The Correct Answer is 1% of the 0.001% of man-made CO2. As a decimal it is an insignificant 0.00001% of the air. That’s one, one-hundredth thousandth of the air. That is what all the fuss is about! That’s one CO2 molecule from Australia in every 9,000,000 molecules of air. It has absolutely no affect at all.
We have been grossly misled to think there is tens of thousands of times as much CO2 as there is!
Why has such important information been withheld from the public? If the public were aware that man-made CO2 is so incredibly small there would be very little belief in a climate disaster so the media would not be able to make a bonanza from years of high sales by selling doomsday stories. Governments and Green groups would not be able to justify a carbon tax that will greatly raise the cost of everything. Major international banks and the stock market would not make massive profits out of carbon trading and many in the science community would not be getting large research grants.
Q5. Is CO2 is a pollutant?
Respondent’s Answers: All thought it was a pollutant, at least to some degree.
The Correct Answer: CO2 is a harmless, trace gas. It is as necessary for life - just as oxygen and nitrogen are. It is a natural gas that is clear, tasteless and odourless. It is in no way a pollutant.
Calling CO2 a ‘pollutant’ leads many to wrongly think of it as black, grey or white smoke. Because the media deceitfully show white or grey ‘smoke’ coming out of power station cooling towers, most think this is CO2. It is not: it’s just steam (water vapour) condensing in the air. CO2 is invisible: just breathe out and see. Look at it bubbling out of your soft drinks, beer or sparkling wine. No one considers that a pollutant - because it’s not. CO2 in its frozen state is commonly known as dry ice. It is used in camping eskys, in medical treatments and science experiments. No one considers that a pollutant either. CO2 is emitted from all plants. This ‘emission’ is not considered a pollutant even though this alone is 33 times more than man produces! Huge quantities of CO2 are dissolved naturally in the ocean and released from the warm surface. This is not considered a pollutant either.

The two large cooling towers are emitting only steam. A tiny amount of CO2 is trickling out of the thin chimney at centre. It is only barely visible due to a small quantity of smoke particles, most of which is filtered out nowadays. The media doesn’t like to show skinny CO2 chimneys emitting nothing visible because this is unimpressive and not the least bit emotive so it doesn’t make for sensationalist journalism. So they typically choose to deceive the public by showing cooling towers.

Q6. Have you seen any evidence that CO2 causes a greenhouse effect?
Respondent’s Answers: Most did not know of any definite proof. Some said they thought the melting of the Arctic and glaciers was possibly proof.
The Correct Answer: There is no proof at all. The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (the IPCC) has never produced any proof. There are, however the following proofs that it can’t cause a greenhouse effect.
• It is true that CO2 can absorb heat a little faster than nitrogen and oxygen but it becomes no hotter because it cannot absorb anymore heat than there is available to the other gases. This is against the laws of thermodynamics. All gases share their heat with the other gases. Gas molecules fly around and are constantly colliding with other gas molecules so they immediately lose any excess heat to other molecules during these collisions. That’s why the air is all one temperature in any limited volume.
• Even if CO2 levels were many times higher, radiative heating physics shows that it would make virtually no difference to temperature because it has a very limited heating ability. With CO2, the more there is, the less it heats because it quickly becomes saturated. For a detailed explanation go to:
The following facts show that even high levels of CO2 can make almost no impact on heating the atmosphere.
1. Glasshouses with high levels of CO2 - hundreds of times higher than in the air to make plants grow faster – heat up during the day to the same temperature as glasshouses with air in them. This is also true for bottles of pure CO2 compared to ones with air.
2. The planets Venus and Mars have atmospheres that are almost entirely CO2 (97%) yet they have no ‘runaway’ greenhouse heating effect. Their temperatures are stable.
3. The geological record over hundreds of millions of years has shown that CO2 has had no affect whatsoever on climate. At times, CO2 was hundreds of times higher, yet there were ice ages.
4. In recent times when Earth was considerably warmer during the Roman Warming and the Medieval Warming, the higher temperatures then were totally natural because there was no industrialization back then.
• Water vapour is 4% of the air and that‘s 100 times as much as CO2. Water vapour absorbs 33 times as much heat as CO2 making CO2’s contribution insignificant. But like CO2, water vapour also gives this heat away to air molecules by contact (conduction) and radiation, thereby making the surrounding air the same temperature.
• The Earth’s atmosphere is very thin so its heat is continually being lost to the absolute coldness of outer space (-270 C). As there is no ‘ceiling’ to the atmosphere, surface heat cannot be retained. The Sun renews warmth every day.
Over the last few years Earth has had much colder winters due to very few magnetic storms on the Sun. These four increasingly colder winters have been particularly noticeable in the northern hemisphere where most of the land is. Because of this, the Arctic has re-frozen and glaciers that were receding are now surging due to the heavy snow falls. The Arctic showed some melting around its edges from the mid 90s to the mid 2000s due to the very high level of solar storm activity at that time. But as the Sun is now entering probably 2-4 decades of low solar activity, this is expected to cause global cooling. For more detail, see the following page.
The climate has always been naturally cyclic and variable due to numerous natural drivers of which CO2 is not one. Over millions of years the climate has shown far greater changes in the geological record than we have seen over the last 200 hundred years - and there was no industrialization back then. The very minor variations we have witnessed over the last 100 years have all occurred several times even in that short period. Today’s changes in climate are common and completely natural. There are now over 50 books that provide numerous reasons why man-made global warming is false.
The Effect of the Sun on Earth’s climate

It has long been known that the Sun is by far the major driver of all weather on Earth because it is the source of all heat and energy. There is absolutely no real-world evidence that the temperature has continually risen as we were led to believe. The hottest records in the USA and Greenland were in the 1930s due to a strong solar cycle. It became cooler from 1940 to 1970. This was due to a weak solar cycle. It has again become increasingly colder since 2006 due to another weak solar cycle. The Sun’s magnetic storm activity has now moved to an extended minimum so the next 2-4 maximums are expected to be much weaker than the last few have been. By 2011 the solar cycle should have risen half way back to its 11 year maximum but it hasn’t! It’s only just started. The last time the Sun acted this way was during the Dalton Minimum from 1790 to 1830 which produced 40 years of very cold winters with subdued, wetter summers globally - just as we are expiring now. From 1450 -1750 a more intense Maunder Minimum occurred which caused the Little Ice Age. The next 2-4 solar cycles will very likely be low in solar activity causing noticeably cooler global temperatures for a few decades.
For details see:
The effect of the current Solar Minimum is particularly obvious in the northern hemisphere where increasingly colder winter temperatures have caused massive snow falls disrupting transportation across Europe, Asia and the US.
Despite more than a decade of continual doomsday predictions of increasing temperatures and never-ending drought globally, the opposite has happened. There have been lower temperatures globally with greatly increased rain and snows over much of the planet since 2006. This has caused floods across most of Australia and most other counties, as seen on the TV news. This ended the global 10 year drought conditions from the mid 90s to the mid 2000s. There has been no drop in CO2 to cause this: in fact, CO2 has risen. There is no correlation between CO2 levels and climate. The reason CO2 levels have gone up a little is most likely due to the surface of the oceans warming very slightly during the later half of the century and therefore releasing a little CO2. (The oceans are currently cooling very slightly.) Mankind’s contribution to CO2 is so small it’s not measurable.
Polls on Climate Change

Polls in western countries now show that believers in man-made global warming are now in the minority with a sizable percentage of over 20% who “don’t know” if CO2 is causing any change. The obvious change to a cooler, wetter climate combined with the revelations of climate fraud shown by the Climategate emails has led to the change in public perception. Polls asking people what is the most important threat to them out of a list of 20 issues, place global warming at the bottom!
Popular beliefs are not fact

The bulk of the population of the western world believed that the 2000 Bug would destroy much of our technology on New Year’s Eve 2000 yet not one disaster occurred anywhere. We were told CFCs caused the Ozone ‘hole’ yet after billions of dollars were spent removing CFCs over 30 years, the slight depletion of Ozone at the South Pole has not changed. Scientists now think it is natural. Popular beliefs are often based on blind faith, ideology and profit rather than proven scientific evidence. History is littered with popular consensuses that were wrong.
A Carbon Tax
Taxing CO2 achieves nothing for the environment; in fact, it deprives real environmental issues from receiving funds. A carbon tax will have a disastrous impact on lower and middle income earners. Even if drastic measures were imposed equally on all countries around the world to reduce the total human CO2 contribution by as much as 30%, this would reduce total CO2 by an insignificant percentage. It would have no affect whatsoever on the climate but it would totally destroy the economies of every country and dramatically lower everyone’s living standards. Most people and politicians are making decisions emotively, not factually about a complex science they know virtually nothing about.
Gregg D Thompson
Climate Researcher
Author of two science books
Business Manager and Director of 3 companies
Author of science magazine articles
Designer and project manager of special effects attractions
Nature photographer
Has a great interest in most sciences
Loves creating innovation in art

Friday, June 17, 2011

Debt and Ceilings

Although America is supposedly living beyond the budget, there are Americans that could feed, house and educate cities-millions for a generation without exhausting their capital.

Seems to me there's an escape clause in every tax law to date. But, a new way to get the superrich untaxables would be a Wealth And Assets Tax!

Citizens only pay on what they acknowledge owning - start at one percent.
Anything not acknowledged becomes the peoples, anything significantly disputed might be auctioned or purchasable?
Might help balance the budget - and pay the interest on borrowings instead of default.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Carbon Greenhouses and Weather Cycles

Towards an imaginative understanding of carbon, greenhouses and weather phenomenon.
Breathe out on a summery evening and you are leaving a trail, invisible to us but perceptible to the mosquitoes. They are low life rarely above the greenery, they sense carbon dioxide, it leads to warmth, generally blood. You may have noticed cold air sink from the freezer or fridge? You may have noticed the cold wind ever blowing down a glacier? Here the cold densifies the air, it flows then like a river, towards the sea or nearest pool. So too CO2 is dense. Though invisible, it sinks then flows down where it may, to the nearest swamp, so caves and mines too fill with foul air. Carbon likes the earth, only the wings of the fire can carry it up, albeit temporarily, more earth loving even than water.

In fact, water, in contact with the air readily bids goodbye to the Earth Mother's breast and spreads her wings for Heaven, such is life. HOH or H2O. Somehow she also steals a little of the Earth's warmth in doing this and exultant carries it up towards the starry skies or the sun itself by day. Somehow also, it gets too cold up there amongst the stars and sky, she fears for her loss of the lovely earth and humbled densifies into droplets of rain, or crystals of starry snow, maybe even to fiercely stony ice-hard hailstones. As a gas, she is lighter than the air, flying up. Returned to droplets she comes down, but not without having alleviated the earth warmth and offered it to the atmosphere and to heaven itself.


Mining Super Profits Tax mk2

Yep the lobbies got the better of Kevin, one easy scalp, but risen from the dead, here comes the mining super profits tax version 2:- The Carbon Tax! If they write enough new laws and redivert the carbonised pork barrels then it will end up costing the Miners, and imposing many new levels of beloved controlling burocracy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Disastrous Legislation

Our Government seems very inclined to whimsical strokes of the legislative pen, as if there would be minimal repercussions and consequences. When we can paralyse a whole states economy with a live export ban over cattle cruelty while totally overlooking the human death, suffering and deformity due to our uranium exports one wonders??
Is our media, is Julia merely a face for our conceited tyrannical fickleness?
Surely moderation is the essence of stable management, reckless legislation the trigger to instability.
A new industry, might have a multiplier effect where an investment is recycled through the economy again and again. So too, but negatively, the termination of a 300 million dollar industry might mushroom to a billion dollar hit to the economy; include the defaults, the bank losses, Jobs lost, the new social security liable,,... Consequences,.. they just dont seem to get it living in the closets of Canberra?? But we will, and will have to pay for it.
I would have said , "We cant freeze this in its tracks, there'll be dead cattle in Australian yards and trucks, blood on our own hands. By all means order an enquiry into MLA negligence, but, lets say that from today any further sale to Indonesia is to include a levy to send Australian representatives, and a levy to be held pending a humane slaughter in the Indonesian slaughterhouses, then released for further cattle purchases." If this didnt effect a change within a month it would be easy to increase the levy. The ideal of good governance is to effect change harmoniusly. The practise of savingface pointscoring governance will inevitably effect devastating/autoimmune type disruption/desolation of what has already become part of Society.
Which still brings us to Nuclear and Uranium. Was it our Uranium, depleted and bunker busted into Irak that has brought so many ugly deformities? Or shot through the Chernobyl countryside, to twenty years later have humans surviving with holes in torsos, or in heads even. Will Japan soon have a spate of 3/4 human infants, just short a few organs, or fingers?? Will this continue for hundreds of years into the future, even were another disaster to be averted for one hundred years? I can relate a thumbless student, and yes, the japanese grandmother survived operations fatboy and littleboy,....
Get sooky about Cow comfort, but steelily neglect human sufferings,..
Who dare take on such powers?
Who dare even report it?
Julia? Wayne?

Competent Management

Reuters has China warning the US that a treasury default would be playing with fire. The Republicans are using it to strong-arm Obama into serious social budgetary cuts.
Had I the billions in treasuries that the Republicans are ready to default upon I would offer, "If you are unable to manage things, and meet your obligations as and when they fall due, I will help you. I will take over the administration of the USA, on behalf of the people, will tax the rich, continue the Social Security programs, begin new infrastructure works and make sure all treasury obligations are also met." I dare say there would be a media furore, I would be public enemy number one, I might even find myself assassinated, but surely the American people would prefer that to China making a similar move, saying, "We have agreements with you, our system works, we prosper, pay our debts and grow. You and your Capitalism must have grown too old - died! It is time to live under our rules"?

Friday, June 3, 2011

bone-headed demonisation

Richard Glover has published in the smh recently, "The dangers of bone-headed beliefs" ( many another good mind shares such concerns. There seems more to the picture, some of which you can trace below,..
Who would doubt the changing of the climate? None I know, but why are we so content to demonise Carbon-dioxide? There are so many things working against climate stability; 200years of soot on the glaciers, 66 years of radioactive fallout too, let alone what that radiation does to clouds and upper air strata, 30 years of chemtrails, and 30yrs of haarp - electrowhooping the atmosphere, add recent swiss ion guns in Arabia forcing rain in the desert (with simultaneous weather stasis in adjacent russia-heatwave and india-floods). Meanwhile csm frackers drain US aquifers-leaving no borewater and desertified ranches over dry hot US summers, 200 years of whaling to decimate the iron rich whale turds ocean wide - no iron - less algae - total ecosystem destabilisation, generations of increasingly culpable agriprofiteers transforming deep stable forests into two dimensional monoculture ranches. Whyfore demonise CO2? Easy, dumbed down, suits our big brother age, gives us something to focus our hate/fear upon. The nuclear lobby keep pushing with wall street traders and "we'll save you" politicians.. Easier to demonise carbon dioxide it would seem,..and turn it into another plunder the public wealth for plutocrat profit marketplace?
The more shocking thing society wise is that we dont think/associate over timeframes. At seventeen or twenty four it can be "three strikes and you're out", while in kindergarten or primary school the innocents can run riot and develop monstrous behavior year upon year leading to the drug induced end of the road social/moral writeoff.
More intimately, the extreme barrenness - the inhumanity - electric, sterile, dead, lifeless - of our modern world, lifestyle and education program produces an emerging society, bone headed, and longing for psychic and moral liberation - at any price. There is an impending end-of-the-world (as we know it) apocalypse that fuels our climate change fears, but the apocalypse is individual, its personal, moral even,
too hard!
demonise CO2, easy, then blame someone else when both the climate and our moral integrity fall apart,..
We first might lay claim to our mutual humanity and broaden our outlooks and initiatives if we would like to stabilise our future - climate included.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Michael West (SMH Business Editor) published a piece on Macquarie Airports last Sunday. It showed how the Danes, recieving no corporate tax from their airport (run by MAp) were madder than the prince of Denmark. Sydney Airport too, is funded to make no money, but to pay a heavy interest bill to an associated offshore Macquarie entity.
Well its a wonder our government doesnt learn some innovative policy also, like getting round tax loopholes? Are we, the tax paying public going to be afraid of extracting a just corporate tax from as powerful an entity as Macquarie? Or cow over as governments do, (consider Kevin 07, dead 11)?

Well my proposal goes towards making loan interest taxable. It might eventually be part of the goods and services tax economy.
Consider, were there a levy of 10% on loan interest (adjusted/moderated for inflation/cpi/reserve bank cash rate), with most (90%?) of the moneys raised going to subsidise losses (say up to 33%?) on defaulted and failed loans then we would be reducing the risk and (likely consecutively) the interest rates asked.
It could even be a more hefty charge and have a balancing clause where the company or entity has paid fair corporate tax.
Comments anyone?

Thursday, March 31, 2011



Crash the markets, daddy fed says heres the $ clean up!

And they did!

Check out the assets under management for the banks before and after the GFC!
2009 was a bumper year for bank profits and for bonuses!

TARP , supposedly to save the markets, effectively just another wall street tool to plunder the unwitting globally and scoop up stressed assets at cents in the dollar.

p.s. To clearly state it, TARP was a funding lifeline, credit when no-one else could get it, even as life support, allowing the Banksters to buy up big at GFC terrorised pricing for all the asset classes in the World. It was inconceivably profitable, all Wealth for Wall Street!


At what stage would all the waters of the ocean be radioactive, to the point of being toxic to eat fish, crustacean or seaweed?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Powers Broken and Trojan Horses

As we said, the (NSW ALP) powers broken are just that! But it has taken some years to realise it, and, yes, they have satisfactorily jumped ship, with various wheels, mates deals and self interests leaving NSW with shocking accounts, large liabilities and infinitely corruptible development proceedures. Will Rees be that disposed Kleenex or re-emerge today to finally wipe them out? I hope so!

Meanwhile, monsanto gets its trojan horse into Australian agriculture via GM canola. Another organic farmer finds GM RR canola seeds have flooded his fields, but no its not a contaminant. Strangely, RRcanola's glyphosate addiction is a recognised contaminant with 30 year soil half life but who dare publish it? We each only get one career. Meanwhile the USDA has deregulated (allowed) GM RR alfalfa (despite its 27% less mineral nutrients), seemingly because the original non GM strains of alfalfa cannot survive the glyphosate buildup (toxicity) in most all rounded up american soils. Yes, monsanto has coraled the best part of the Americas in an emerging stranglehold, not just under the USDA, but spreading to our quarter of the globe too! Glyphosate poisoning. Woe!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nature's Bounty and a Woman Scorned

Ah, isnt Nature bountiful and mysterious.
Take this latest letter from Huber, a researcher into American fields, He was so struck by the details and consequences that he has written a letter to Secretary Vilsack to share the mystery!

One of the American nation’s senior scientists alerted their federal government to a newly discovered organism that may have the potential to cause infertility and spontaneous abortion in farm animals, raising significant concerns about human health. Dr. Don Huber, professor emeritus at Purdue University, believes the appearance and prevalence of the unnamed organism may be related to the nation’s over reliance on the weed killer known as Roundup and/or to something about the genetically engineered Roundup-Ready crops. In a letter to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, the professor called on the federal government to immediately stop deregulation of roundup ready crops, particularly roundup ready alfalfa.

Below is the full text of the letter. FARFA received an electronic copy of the letter from Dr. Huber and they have spoken with him directly to confirm its authenticity. I am reposting that correspondence with some comments following.

January 16, 2011

Dear Secretary Vilsack:

A team of senior plant and animal scientists have recently brought to my attention the discovery of an electron microscopic pathogen that appears to significantly impact the health of plants, animals, and probably human beings. Based on a review of the data, it is widespread, very serious, and is in much higher concentrations in Roundup Ready (RR) soybeans and corn—suggesting a link with the RR gene or more likely the presence of Roundup. This organism appears NEW to science!

This is highly sensitive information that could result in a collapse of US soy and corn export markets and significant disruption of domestic food and feed supplies. On the other hand, this new organism may already be responsible for significant harm (see below). My colleagues and I are therefore moving our investigation forward with speed and discretion, and seek assistance from the USDA and other entities to identify the pathogen’s source, prevalence, implications, and remedies.

We are informing the USDA of our findings at this early stage, specifically due to your pending decision regarding approval of RR alfalfa. Naturally, if either the RR gene or Roundup itself is a promoter or co-factor of this pathogen, then such approval could be a calamity. Based on the current evidence, the only reasonable action at this time would be to delay deregulation at least until sufficient data has exonerated the RR system, if it does.

For the past 40 years, I have been a scientist in the professional and military agencies that evaluate and prepare for natural and manmade biological threats, including germ warfare and disease outbreaks. Based on this experience, I believe the threat we are facing from this pathogen is unique and of a high risk status. In layman’s terms, it should be treated as an emergency.

A diverse set of researchers working on this problem have contributed various pieces of the puzzle, which together presents the following disturbing scenario:

Unique Physical Properties

This previously unknown organism is only visible under an electron microscope (36,000X), with an approximate size range equal to a medium size virus. It is able to reproduce and appears to be a micro-fungal-like organism. If so, it would be the first such micro-fungus ever identified. There is strong evidence that this infectious agent promotes diseases of both plants and mammals, which is very rare.

Pathogen Location and Concentration

It is found in high concentrations in Roundup Ready soybean meal and corn, distillers meal, fermentation feed products, pig stomach contents, and pig and cattle placentas.

Linked with Outbreaks of Plant Disease

The organism is prolific in plants infected with two pervasive diseases that are driving down yields and farmer income—sudden death syndrome (SDS) in soy, and Goss’ wilt in corn. The pathogen is also found in the fungal causative agent of SDS (Fusarium solani fsp glycines).

Implicated in Animal Reproductive Failure

Laboratory tests have confirmed the presence of this organism in a wide variety of livestock that have experienced spontaneous abortions and infertility. Preliminary results from ongoing research have also been able to reproduce abortions in a clinical setting.

The pathogen may explain the escalating frequency of infertility and spontaneous abortions over the past few years in US cattle, dairy, swine, and horse operations. These include recent reports of infertility rates in dairy heifers of over 20%, and spontaneous abortions in cattle as high as 45%.

For example, 450 of 1,000 pregnant heifers fed wheatlege experienced spontaneous abortions. Over the same period, another 1,000 heifers from the same herd that were raised on hay had no abortions. High concentrations of the pathogen were confirmed on the wheatlege, which likely had been under weed management using glyphosate.


In summary, because of the high titer of this new animal pathogen in Roundup Ready crops, and its association with plant and animal diseases that are reaching epidemic proportions, we request USDA’s participation in a multi-agency investigation, and an immediate moratorium on the deregulation of RR crops until the causal/predisposing relationship with glyphosate and/or RR plants can be ruled out as a threat to crop and animal production and human health.

It is urgent to examine whether the side-effects of glyphosate use may have facilitated the growth of this pathogen, or allowed it to cause greater harm to weakened plant and animal hosts. It is well-documented that glyphosate promotes soil pathogens and is already implicated with the increase of more than 40 plant diseases; it dismantles plant defenses by chelating vital nutrients; and it reduces the bioavailability of nutrients in feed, which in turn can cause animal disorders. To properly evaluate these factors, we request access to the relevant USDA data.

I have studied plant pathogens for more than 50 years. We are now seeing an unprecedented trend of increasing plant and animal diseases and disorders. This pathogen may be instrumental to understanding and solving this problem. It deserves immediate attention with significant resources to avoid a general collapse of our critical agricultural infrastructure.


COL (Ret.) Don M. Huber
Emeritus Professor, Purdue University
APS Coordinator, USDA National Plant Disease Recovery System (NPDRS)

So, Nature again has an answer to those who would tyrranise and bastardise Her. To those who would treat her as a factory mechanism, or a brutalised slave wife, look, see what emerges, 45% miscarriage rate is a pretty good response!
It would seem likely to play into CCD too?? Imagine such pathogens all over our cotton sheets, shirts and tampons! Well maybe its only the BT pesticide thats woven into our sheets, shirts and tampons! It reminds one of Deianeira and Heracles! And that quip,
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Still a very significant issue to follow. Either some Wall Street flukeys are mounting a significant fear mongering front to scare investors out of Monsanto stock in droves at soon to be shocking prices or else we are likely to have enquiry after ugly enquiry, as to how all these GMO safety assessments were fabricated, sterilised and regurgitated through compliant bureaucracies at the behest of powerful peoples to infect GM on greedy eyed farmers, and the unwitting but easily dupable World.
I suspect the latter.

ps It needs be noted GMalfala was deregulated by Vilsack some ten days after recieving Huber's letter. Whether Vilsack's deregulation was in utter disregard or in malevolent one eyed defiance remains to be seen. There are rumours the complications of roundup use have long been known but that the researchers were gagged. These same researchers are now said to be retiring and speaking out (with wall street having crumpled their retirement savings). But, there are many ways to silence opposition, it seems the new world is the same as the old world in this regard. Perhaps Vilsack expects this to be gagable also. Business as usual.
To think of the wave of struggle for better rulers succeeds in Egypt and Tunisia while in America malevolent greed still rules but from behind the mask of corporatism - free trade - government, and we cant get the better of it. A most serious problem.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thirty Years of Obliging Government in Australia and Egypt

Alan Ramsey has just printed a new book detailing his 42 years in the Canberra press gallery. He was discussing it with Phillip Adams on lnl. Greed! He was livid, has grown immeasurably...He cited the Commonwealth Bank. Before Keating obligingly sold it off the biggest wage was $70,000 for the manager,... last year Ralph Norris the CEO took $16.2 Million home as his wages! But, the free market rules.. happily for some.
Well it aint a straw but there are some camels with broken backs (and repossesed houses), but one broken backed camel looks like it will be Mubarak's Egypt. Mubarak's familial worth is estimated between 40 and 70 billion US$. Dream on that! Thats not how much he has earned in the thirty years as Egypt's obliging Prime Minister, its just what remains, assets, accrued earnings, after all the feasts, banquets, holidays and private celebrations for thirty years obligingly working for ?? Yes, the USA has funded aid programs over the years to help keep order, 5$B ish per annum of late? And provided the guns and bombs in that 5$B to keep the unsatisfied in their gaol cells. Or in their graves. An average of 2 Billion US$ per year aquired, though probably more in the last ten years than in the first ten years, still, say he/they/the family increased their worth by 3.65Billion US$ last year , thats like a lot more than the 2$ a day most Egyptians struggle to live on,...
It's not such a wonder the people of Egypt are a little unsettled in their hungering lot.
Maybe Mubarak should open the doors of his storehouse and feed his hungry people? But I suppose that would not be obliging to the Bankers that have secreted the familial fortune. Oh, isnt it hard to obligingly Govern a people,...

tomorrows krystalnacht

Washingtons blog is backing Celente's call for another false flag event. Ever heard of krystalnacht? Look it up! Both Washington and Celente are insightful, to the verge of being prophetic.
Be aware of the strategy and be prepared. We have seen the internet usurped by Mubarak. Obama still has GWB's state of emergency,.. extension upon extension,..and a kill switch is an easy option. Be prepared.