Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Headless Journalists

With no alignments nor justifications intimated, problems and misunderstandings continue.
To think one can commit unkindnesses and not arouse antipathy, antipathy to the point of malevolence, is  comfortable MSM conceit. Sow destruction - reap peace? After how many wars, lives and generations might we come to terms with the failings of such an argument?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Eddie's Revenge

Ever wondered how such clean shaven high principled political high rollers got caught up in this ICAC debacle? Well if you understand how Eddie has worked up to now you might come to the same suspicion that I have come to. No, its not the NSA, its good old fashioned dirt and human connections, people willing to dump. Score settled and favours repayed!

One yellow bottle bobbing round Long Bay,
Swore 'f he should fall, there'ld be more coming his way,
He hadn't climbed so high in his life of power nor crime,
Without preparing fully to revenge himself each time.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Israel Question

The Israel Question; how much has the US (of puppetmasters) said ,"Crank it up Israel!" to divert the media public interest away from the MH17 downing, Ukraine's part in it and the likelihood of untold political damage should the world realise a reckless belligerent Ukraine has acted dumbly enough to expose and ruin their US backers?

Recycling - greens and profiteers

Where does the money recycle to?
Businesses make political donations - libs and labor - get legislative favours.
Libs and labor - buy advertising - securing continuing favourable comment.
People pay not only taxes but a little more to all the businesses (to cover political donations).
This isnt the recycling the greens believe in,they dont even get a handle on it. Its little wonder we are stuck in a two party system. The greens aren't buyable nor profitable for corporate lobbyists. They've no cash to splash and cant buy public opinion. Thats where "Democracy" fails, when profit and money buys opinion from those who prefer not to penetrate the powergame.