Friday, June 17, 2011

Debt and Ceilings

Although America is supposedly living beyond the budget, there are Americans that could feed, house and educate cities-millions for a generation without exhausting their capital.

Seems to me there's an escape clause in every tax law to date. But, a new way to get the superrich untaxables would be a Wealth And Assets Tax!

Citizens only pay on what they acknowledge owning - start at one percent.
Anything not acknowledged becomes the peoples, anything significantly disputed might be auctioned or purchasable?
Might help balance the budget - and pay the interest on borrowings instead of default.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Carbon Greenhouses and Weather Cycles

Towards an imaginative understanding of carbon, greenhouses and weather phenomenon.
Breathe out on a summery evening and you are leaving a trail, invisible to us but perceptible to the mosquitoes. They are low life rarely above the greenery, they sense carbon dioxide, it leads to warmth, generally blood. You may have noticed cold air sink from the freezer or fridge? You may have noticed the cold wind ever blowing down a glacier? Here the cold densifies the air, it flows then like a river, towards the sea or nearest pool. So too CO2 is dense. Though invisible, it sinks then flows down where it may, to the nearest swamp, so caves and mines too fill with foul air. Carbon likes the earth, only the wings of the fire can carry it up, albeit temporarily, more earth loving even than water.

In fact, water, in contact with the air readily bids goodbye to the Earth Mother's breast and spreads her wings for Heaven, such is life. HOH or H2O. Somehow she also steals a little of the Earth's warmth in doing this and exultant carries it up towards the starry skies or the sun itself by day. Somehow also, it gets too cold up there amongst the stars and sky, she fears for her loss of the lovely earth and humbled densifies into droplets of rain, or crystals of starry snow, maybe even to fiercely stony ice-hard hailstones. As a gas, she is lighter than the air, flying up. Returned to droplets she comes down, but not without having alleviated the earth warmth and offered it to the atmosphere and to heaven itself.


Mining Super Profits Tax mk2

Yep the lobbies got the better of Kevin, one easy scalp, but risen from the dead, here comes the mining super profits tax version 2:- The Carbon Tax! If they write enough new laws and redivert the carbonised pork barrels then it will end up costing the Miners, and imposing many new levels of beloved controlling burocracy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Disastrous Legislation

Our Government seems very inclined to whimsical strokes of the legislative pen, as if there would be minimal repercussions and consequences. When we can paralyse a whole states economy with a live export ban over cattle cruelty while totally overlooking the human death, suffering and deformity due to our uranium exports one wonders??
Is our media, is Julia merely a face for our conceited tyrannical fickleness?
Surely moderation is the essence of stable management, reckless legislation the trigger to instability.
A new industry, might have a multiplier effect where an investment is recycled through the economy again and again. So too, but negatively, the termination of a 300 million dollar industry might mushroom to a billion dollar hit to the economy; include the defaults, the bank losses, Jobs lost, the new social security liable,,... Consequences,.. they just dont seem to get it living in the closets of Canberra?? But we will, and will have to pay for it.
I would have said , "We cant freeze this in its tracks, there'll be dead cattle in Australian yards and trucks, blood on our own hands. By all means order an enquiry into MLA negligence, but, lets say that from today any further sale to Indonesia is to include a levy to send Australian representatives, and a levy to be held pending a humane slaughter in the Indonesian slaughterhouses, then released for further cattle purchases." If this didnt effect a change within a month it would be easy to increase the levy. The ideal of good governance is to effect change harmoniusly. The practise of savingface pointscoring governance will inevitably effect devastating/autoimmune type disruption/desolation of what has already become part of Society.
Which still brings us to Nuclear and Uranium. Was it our Uranium, depleted and bunker busted into Irak that has brought so many ugly deformities? Or shot through the Chernobyl countryside, to twenty years later have humans surviving with holes in torsos, or in heads even. Will Japan soon have a spate of 3/4 human infants, just short a few organs, or fingers?? Will this continue for hundreds of years into the future, even were another disaster to be averted for one hundred years? I can relate a thumbless student, and yes, the japanese grandmother survived operations fatboy and littleboy,....
Get sooky about Cow comfort, but steelily neglect human sufferings,..
Who dare take on such powers?
Who dare even report it?
Julia? Wayne?

Competent Management

Reuters has China warning the US that a treasury default would be playing with fire. The Republicans are using it to strong-arm Obama into serious social budgetary cuts.
Had I the billions in treasuries that the Republicans are ready to default upon I would offer, "If you are unable to manage things, and meet your obligations as and when they fall due, I will help you. I will take over the administration of the USA, on behalf of the people, will tax the rich, continue the Social Security programs, begin new infrastructure works and make sure all treasury obligations are also met." I dare say there would be a media furore, I would be public enemy number one, I might even find myself assassinated, but surely the American people would prefer that to China making a similar move, saying, "We have agreements with you, our system works, we prosper, pay our debts and grow. You and your Capitalism must have grown too old - died! It is time to live under our rules"?

Friday, June 3, 2011

bone-headed demonisation

Richard Glover has published in the smh recently, "The dangers of bone-headed beliefs" ( many another good mind shares such concerns. There seems more to the picture, some of which you can trace below,..
Who would doubt the changing of the climate? None I know, but why are we so content to demonise Carbon-dioxide? There are so many things working against climate stability; 200years of soot on the glaciers, 66 years of radioactive fallout too, let alone what that radiation does to clouds and upper air strata, 30 years of chemtrails, and 30yrs of haarp - electrowhooping the atmosphere, add recent swiss ion guns in Arabia forcing rain in the desert (with simultaneous weather stasis in adjacent russia-heatwave and india-floods). Meanwhile csm frackers drain US aquifers-leaving no borewater and desertified ranches over dry hot US summers, 200 years of whaling to decimate the iron rich whale turds ocean wide - no iron - less algae - total ecosystem destabilisation, generations of increasingly culpable agriprofiteers transforming deep stable forests into two dimensional monoculture ranches. Whyfore demonise CO2? Easy, dumbed down, suits our big brother age, gives us something to focus our hate/fear upon. The nuclear lobby keep pushing with wall street traders and "we'll save you" politicians.. Easier to demonise carbon dioxide it would seem,..and turn it into another plunder the public wealth for plutocrat profit marketplace?
The more shocking thing society wise is that we dont think/associate over timeframes. At seventeen or twenty four it can be "three strikes and you're out", while in kindergarten or primary school the innocents can run riot and develop monstrous behavior year upon year leading to the drug induced end of the road social/moral writeoff.
More intimately, the extreme barrenness - the inhumanity - electric, sterile, dead, lifeless - of our modern world, lifestyle and education program produces an emerging society, bone headed, and longing for psychic and moral liberation - at any price. There is an impending end-of-the-world (as we know it) apocalypse that fuels our climate change fears, but the apocalypse is individual, its personal, moral even,
too hard!
demonise CO2, easy, then blame someone else when both the climate and our moral integrity fall apart,..
We first might lay claim to our mutual humanity and broaden our outlooks and initiatives if we would like to stabilise our future - climate included.